“Project planning and management”, mark the end of the “2023 winter program” by QAPI

24 February 2023
"Planning and project management", marks the end of the "Winter Program 2023" by QAPI

With the topic “Planning and management of projects (piloting)”, by trainer Ilirjana Geci, the trainings for the professional development of staff as part of the “Winter Program 2023”, organized by QAP, have been completed.

The two-day training was related to increasing the capacities of the academic staff of AAB College, in the initiation and drafting of project proposals for application in sponsorship programs from various sources such as the government, industry, foundations, institutions and international initiatives.

On the second day of the training, there were trainers Erëza Mehmeti and Qëndresa Kukaj, who emphasized to the participants the importance of cooperation with the Project Development Office of AAB College, addressing the various initiatives they have.

This training will be followed by some other more advanced trainings, but also with a workshop for designing projects.