Representatives of Kosovo Specialized Chambers hold lecture for law students at AAB College

3 April 2019

A lecture was held by Solène Moutier, head of the Information and Communication Unit at KSC, Paul Landers, The Office of the Ombudsperson, and Bekim Blakaj, Director of the Humanitarian Law Center in Kosovo, for the purpose of informing students on the Kosovo Specialized Chambers, its jurisdiction in the Hague, how it functions and how it is organized.

Representatives of KSC informed the students on the mandate and role of KSC in Kosovo, its internal organization and procedures.

The role and duties of the Ombudsperson were also discussed during this lecture, which are the protection of the freedoms and rights of persons who will be part of the proceedings before these specialized chambers.

Students asked questions that were promptly answered by the representatives of Kosovo Specialized Chambers. The idea of ​​this lecture was to remove the dilemmas and inaccurate information about the specialized chambers.