Representatives of the US Embassy and American Councils are welcomed at AAB College

24 April 2023
Representatives of the American Embassy and American Councils are welcome at AAB College

Today at AAB College, representatives of the US Embassy and American Councils, Remzie Potoku, Nora Nimani-Musa and Gresa Koca were welcomed by the Vice-Rector, Shemsedin Vehapi, Vice-Rector Venera Llunji, Dean Jusuf Qarkaxhiu and Professor Florijeta Hulaj.

The purpose of the meeting was to share opinions and evaluate all the activities and lectures of prof. dr. Maurice Dawson Jr, who is staying at AAB College’s Faculty of Computer Science, as part of an international staff exchange through the Fulbright Specialist project. Mr. Dawson made a summary report of his engagement at AAB College, while the representatives of the US Embassy informed him with all possibilities regarding the continuation of the institutional cooperation between Kosovo and the USA, as well as about the very important projects that are available both for the academic staff and for the students of both parties.

They also talked about the possibilities of engaging experts in different periods of time in the field of cyber security programs, artificial intelligence and data analysis, then compiling different programs in these fields and preparing students for opportunities in the global labor market.