Roundtable on “Juvenile deliquency”

5 June 2015

On the occasion of event Manifestation “Days of AAB, 2015”, and upon realisation of investigative project “Juvenile deliquency” of the Faculty of Law at the AAB University, Department of Gjakova, a debate was developed on the topic “Juvenile deliquency”, attended by citizens and representatives of local institutions from Municipality of Gjakova, professors and students of AAB, etc.

Panelists of the roundtable were: Ali Selimaj, State prosecutor, Prosecution Gjakova; Tush Markaj Captain , regional investigation of Gjakova; prof. Fatmir Çollakaj, vice dean of the Faculty of Law, AAB, and Mensut Ademi, Head of Research Center, Faculty of Law, AAB, while the roundtable was moderated by Ganimete Ismajli

The discussion was fruitful and touched upon the problems faced by young people and causes of delinquency in the municipality of Gjakova.