14 December 2020

AAB College today organized the roundtable for the elimination of violence against women called “Listen, Believe, Support”, where many successful women from Kosovo took part in. 

The opening of this roundtable was done by Venera Llunji, Vice Rector for International Relations at AAB College.

The participants of this roundtable, who are all women’s rights advocates, shared experiences from cases of domestic violence, but also discussed what should be done in this regard.

Former Minister of Justice Albulena Haxhiu said that the shelters that house abused women are not well equipped for the task, yet, the number of women who report violence to the competent bodies is increasing every day.

Zana Hamiti, director of the Center for the Protection of Women and Children, said that 1 in 10 women in our country are employed and that some of these women lose their jobs after giving birth. Hamiti also stated that cases of domestic violence have increased significantly since March, the beginning of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Radie Hoxha, journalist at Radio Kosovo shared three of the many cases that have been reported on the radio for domestic violence, and that the state has not done anything about it.

Erblina Dinarama, director of the Safe House in Gjakova, at this roundtable stated that the number of women registered at this shelter has exceeded capacity. There are 32 women currently housed in this shelter and only 20 available beds. She appealed for help to the State of Kosovo to support this house at least until January, because it is running out of resources and risks closing down completely.

Lauresha Ramadani, Professor of Informatics at AAB College raised another issue, that of “violence” through social networks, disrespect for the privacy of girls and the distribution of private photos / videos.

Ramadani stressed that the state should take measures against people who illegally access their personal networks and misuse them.

For the participants of the roundtable “Listen, Believe, Support”, Sanjije Murati donated a book written with personal stories of women from the Organization “NGO Lady”.