RTK journalist Venhar Isufi was the first guest of #AABAlumniTalk, which was organized by the AAB Career Center

7 December 2021

The AAB Career Center started a series of discussions “AAB Alumni Talk” with successful former students, which focuses on sharing the experiences of graduate students during their professional journey.

The first guest of #AABAlumniTalk, was Venhar Isufi, a former student of the Faculty of Mass Communication. Although young, alumni Venhar Isufi shared his experience from the period of of studies, attending trainings, internships and until now as a journalist employee at RTK – Radio Television of Kosovo.

Venhari emphasized that the studies he conducted at AAB College were a great helper in transforming the theoretical part into the practical part. “Studies, trainings and opportunities provided by AAB, have enabled us today to do the work of a field journalist on public television, where I consider it a great achievement,” said Venhari.

The meeting with the students of the Faculty of Mass Communication was even more valuable thanks to the interactivity that took place and the questions that were asked to the guest, to the journalist Venhar Isufi.