Sehad Kadiri professor of AAB College participates in a conference held at the University of Oxford

18 April 2024
AAB College Professor Sehad Kadiri attends the conference held at the University of Oxford

At the invitation of Filip Vanhavere EURADOS chairman, professor of the Faculty of Health Sciences of AAB College Sehad Kadiri, participated in the proceedings of the annual conference which was held at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. In this conference, in addition to the conducted professional activities, “Monte Carlo modeling: basic concepts, available resources, and applications in radiological protection” training was carried out, with the participation of prominent scientists such as: Dr. Jon Eakins, Dr. Michael Petit, Dr. Roberto Versace, etc.

Professor Sehad Kadiri was warmly received, while he also met with experts and professors of world-renowned universities, where, amongst other things, he discussed various cooperation opportunities that include scientific projects and research initiatives.

He described this experience as extremely important which included interaction, exchange of academic knowledge and continuous partnership between the respective institutions.