Shkëlqim Miftari, now an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College

11 November 2017

“I’ve graduated masters with the thesis ‘Web technologies in support of the seventh art’, in the field of cinematography. In my thesis, I explain in great detail the functioning of the cinematographic institution, the current problems faced by its management staff and above all, and the process through which clients go through to reserve seats for attending a cinema show” said Shkëlqim Miftari, who after graduating in bachelor studies at the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College, has been hired as an assistant lecturer in this institution.

Shkëlqimi has also participated in several scientific conferences, such as “Science Week 2017” organized by MEST, presented a paper on “Advanced integration of IT in the cultural institutions of the Republic of Kosovo”, and during the conference “Week of Women 2017”, has worked as a part of the IT staff. He has also completed his professional practice in several institutions both within and without AAB College.

“Everything at AAB College is coming along nicely, but the teaching process in particular is of the highest level, and thanks to this level, today, we are very the best in the market” said Shkëlqim Miftari.