Six PhD graduated from AAB

15 September 2016

Despite the achievements and ongoing developments in all areas, special importance has paid to AAB College and academic staff development costs. In this regard AAB consistently supports and promotes academic staff, for the continuation of doctoral studies, through cooperation and partnerships with universities from the region, Europe and beyond.

Only during the academic year 2015/16, six regular teachers of AAB College successfully defended senior doctorate topics in universities at Republic of Albania and the Republic of Austria.

From the field of English,PhD thesis have defended the these teachers: Xhavit Rexhaj, Tirana University (on thesis: “Application of constructivism in the teaching of English in schools in Kosovo”), and Hysen Kasumi, European University of Tirana ( on thesis: “Strategy and effective methods of improving the quality of English language acquisition”).

Their PhD these at the European University of Tirana have defended the teachers: Venera Llunji, Faculty of Social Sciences (on thesis: “Nationalism as an ideology in programs of Albanian political parties in Kosovo after the declaration of its independence”), Naim Ismajli Faculty of Economics (on thesis: “human resources in local government in Kosovo (performance evaluation affects the motivation of human resources”) and Jusuf Qarkaxhija, also at the Faculty of Economics (on thesis:”Internet in broadband and electronic commerce, Kosovo case “), the European University of Tirana.

Whil from the field of architecture, had the PhD defended the teacher Teuta Jashari-Kajtazi, the Technical University of Vienna (TU), (on thesis:”Behind the national identity, political and social activity through arkitekturës- Kosovo liberal socialism”).

During the academic year 2016/17, the AAB College is expected to finish doctoral studies  about 20 other teachers, who are in the process not only in prestigious universities in the country and region, but also in European universities as in Austria, Germany , UK, etc.