Six students from AAB College, will continue their studies for Summer semester 2016/17 in Poland and Lithuania, within Erasmus + Mobility

1 February 2017

Besarta Palushi, Egzona Demaj, Eriona Ajvazi and Gresa Mustafa, who are continuing studies at the College of AAB for this new academic year, they will continue their studies for the summer semester  2016/2017 with a full scholarship , at University of Lodz in Poland, while Kenan Jupolli and Burim Muçolli at the University of Applied Sciences in Lithuania.

This is the second year  that AAB College is a beneficiary of the full scholarship, under a joint agreement between the institutions on the project Erasmus + International Credit Mobility, project funded through the Erasmus program for educational institutions of the Republic of Poland and Lithuania.

 It is worth mentioning that last year thanks to this project, three students of AAB, Donika Blaku, Besart Vishesella and Blina Zhubi benefited and successfully completed the 2015/16 summer semester at the University of Lodz, Poland.

 International Cooperation Office encourages all students of AAB College, to apply to future competitions that will be published in the coming months.