“Spaces in Education” regional conference holds two presentations in parallel sessions

21 October 2022

So far, two presentations have been held within “Spaces in education” regional conference, which was organized by AAB College.

In the moderations that were held on a parallel schedule led by prof. ass. dr. Violeta Buza and Sonila Daiu, up to the next presentation by prof. ass. dr. Hysen Kasumi and prof. assoc. dr. Iris Klosi, discussed various issues with an impact on the development of education.

There were many topics of discussion by the participants in these parallel sessions, starting from the concrete implementation of technology in the curriculum, “e-learning”, the benefits of learning English in higher education, educational policies during the coronavirus pandemic and up to the transformation of school facilities in Kosovo. During this regional conference at AAB College, it is expected that certain conclusions will emerge regarding the importance of learning spaces in higher education, and how they can be changed in order to adapt to contemporary conditions and methods.

At the end of the presentations, the moderators awarded certificates to participants.