“Speak medea” – Iran

19 October 2017


Speak Medea is a set of different Impressions and opinions about “Medea”, as we know it. It is a story of a powerful woman, who feels neglected and unsupported. In her lonesomeness, she takes revenge on her husband and men of her society, which makes her suffering like Prometheus himself. Last but not least this performance also pays respect to all women of all times, which have suffered from oppression and unkindness.


Time of the show: 20:00, 19 October 2017
Author: Mehdi Sheikhvand
Director: Mehdi Sheikhvand
Performers: Clara Corona, Darya Nazari, FatemehAbrishamiMovahed, Vida Gharagozlou
Production: Jirjirak Theatre Company – Tehran