Speech of the rector of AAB College on marking Liberation Day

12 June 2024

June 12, 2024

Today is a special day, it is the Liberation Day of Kosovo.

AAB College expresses its warmest congratulations to the people of Kosovo, remembering the steadfast spirit and sacrifices that have paved the way for our freedom and independence. June 12 carries a deep meaning in our collective memory, serving as a moving reminder of the resilience and determination that define our nation’s character.

We remember the difficult journey to liberation, we honor all those who fought bravely for our rights and our sovereignty. Their courage and patience in the face of challenges have left an indelible mark on our history, inspiring generations to fight for justice and equality.

At the heart of our celebration is the recognition of the transformative power of education. AAB College remains steadfast in its commitment to develop and enhance the intellect and talents of our students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary for a brighter future both for themselves and for Kosovo. Through education, we empower individuals as agents of change, driving forward innovation in all aspects of society.

On this important day, we remember our commitment to the principles of democracy, human rights and inclusiveness. We perpetuate the achievements of the past, but we look to the future with optimism and determination. Together, as a united and peace-loving nation, we can face every challenge and implement every goal and objective of Kosovo.

Therefore, on behalf of the entire academic and administrative community of AAB College, as Rector of the AAB College, I want to express my warmest congratulations to the people of Kosovo.

Let this Liberation Day serve as a source of inspiration and cooperation as we continue our journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

Happy Liberation Day!