Stomatology students successfully mark Dentist Day activities

4 March 2020

About 500 students and staff of AAB College have so far used the free services of Dentistry students, as part of activities organized to mark Dentist Day.

Students, prospective dentists, mentored by teachers Prof. Mimoza Selmani, Prof. Avdyl Shoshi, Prof. Teuta Bicaj and Prof. Bleron Azizi, are conducting free oral examinations in the dental labs at AAB College.

Student Aron Kelmendi indicated that this activity included 10 second and third-year students as examiners, and dozens more first-year students who were distributing brochures aimed at raising awareness of the importance of oral health.

Iliriana Hasani and Enis Zuka, examining students, showed that out of the number of examiners during these two days, the most common problems presented to students are caries and the need for prostheses.

They also indicated that much work has also been done in advising patients on oral health maintenance.