Stories of successful women from Kosovo and the region will be published in “Woman Book”

29 October 2019

In order to promote successful women in entrepreneurship, AAB College hosted a discussion table organized by the “Lady” / Balkan Women Association (BWA), where successful women from the Western Balkans were the topic of discussion.

Sanija Murati, director of the “Lady” / Balkan Women Association (BWA), has shown that she has always been committed to being independent and taking great steps towards improving her life. She spoke about the challenges she faced when she came to Kosovo, starting from not knowing the language. But through work anything can be achieved; so she tells women: “Without risk we can achieve nothing, we should not stay where we are, instead, we must think to develop ourselves further and strengthen our role in society.”

Zana Tabaku and Vjosa Berisha also shared their success stories and experiences at this roundtable.

Tabaku, who is the founder of Appdec, a company that provides technology services asked participants to focus on this cause. “I can say that technology is the future, many new jobs will be created in this field. Programming, I think, should be part of the path you take, no matter what you study” said Zana Tabaku.

Whereas the director of the PriFest Festival, Vjosa Berisha, spoke about the sacrifices she had to make during her journey to success.

“After finishing high school, I wanted to continue studying abroad. I went to London to study and work at the same time, I could do both. The faculty where I did my master’s degree in London is no different from the place where we are now, AAB College. So, keep in mind that this place offers the best opportunities for all students who want to be successful” Berisha said.

Today’s roundtable preceded the soon-to-be-published book Woman Book, which will contain 60 stories of the lives and success of girls and women from the Western Balkans.

The purpose of this book is to share the work, experience, emotions and lives of successful women and girls in order to motivate other women and girls across the region.