Strategic communication expert conducts training with AAB College students

24 November 2023

Students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College have become part of the training held by strategic communication expert Linda Baleta, organized by the Career Center and the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The topic of this training was “Advancement of communication skills”, where through numerous activities the students were informed in detail about the steps that need to be taken to improve communication skills. This session combined theory with practical exercises, focusing on the main pillars of the ethical, emotional and logical communication process as essential elements of persuasive communication. Through interactive discussions and exercises, students practiced sharpening their listening skills, the importance of body language and voice modulations.

Students explored non-verbal communication and listening skills and the role these skills will play in their future when they become an active part of the job market. In addition, working in groups, they got to know each other better, while they exchanged thoughts and experiences about the issues they discussed.