The student of AAB holds three work positions

9 February 2015

“Now when I see the development, the increased opportunities at AAB, by turning into a serious competitor of the Public University of Prishtina, I feel extremely good that once I was part of it”, said DardanSelimaj for the magazine “AAB Alumni”, who finished his Bachelor studies in the Faculty of Mass Communication at AAB, and now he has the following work positions: as the executive producer in “Kohavision”, Manager of Kosovo Philharmonics and director of the International Festival – DAM.

“We can learn a lot by the eminent professors, but they do not always guarantee the success. I, personally at AAB, have benefited from professors who were not “eminent” or famous, and during my studies they had a huge impact and will always be remembered in my life, and they are: Ibrahim Berisha, AgimVinca, MasarStavileci, EnverPetrovci, MeritaJuniku, MimozaDoko, AdiKrasta, KujtimShala, IlirTafaetc, to whom I will always be grateful”, said Dardanfor the magazine “AAB Alumni”.

Dardan at the end of his studies, started working as a journalist for culture and author of programs in “Kohavision”.  Then he became the director of the program”Express”. He practised the duties of the producer of television programs such as: Flladi, Te Linda, Dokukronika, Express Taxi etc. He also had experience in the capacity of the scenarist of gala concerts organized by KTV. While, since 2012 he has been managing the entire program atKohavizion.

 “The important thing is that I took the first steps at AAB, which led me to the right way. And then during the way each one must find his direction, during the way we deal with situations that we cannot imagine”, said Dardani.