Student of AAB University founder of “Cricket Music”, one of the most successful music studios in the country

7 September 2015

Donat Prelvukaj, is a second year student at the Faculty of Mass Communications, Production management branch in AAB who has also established and manages the production studio “Cricket Music”

“I have worked and continue to work with various and well known artists of Albanian music such as Lyrical Son, Capital T, 2po2, Ethno, Majk, Ghetto Geasy, Fjolla Morina, but also with many other young artists that are expected to come up on this stage” said Donat for ” STUDENT” magazine. 

 In addition to that, Donat also deals with making of other various music videos by practicing his specific studies of Production in AAB.

“The closeness of lecturers and their diversity is what impresses me most in AAB, where most of them are public figures from whom we are and will continue to be taught lessons and best experiences in the area of production and media” he added.