Student Albion Merovci finds employment in International IT Company

22 September 2021

The continuous commitment to create an educational institution that holds its own when compared to international ones has made AAB College rank at the top of the list of institutions in Albanian lands and beyond.

The results of this commitment have already born fruit not only in the domestic market but also in the international one, where our students and graduates are being sought after by foreign companies.

Among these students is Albion Merovci, a graduate of the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College, who has now become part of the German-Swiss company Axians Software Consulting and Development Kosovo L.L.C.

Albion, an exemplary graduate, says he has been part of Axians Kosovo since July.

 “I became part of this project thanks to the knowledge gained from studies at AAB College. I want to emphasize that all those who enroll in Computer Science at AAB College will have a unique experience all of their own. Here you learn through practice, and the commitment of the professors is extraordinary, ” said Albion. The Faculty of Computer Science at AAB, of which Albion Merovci was a part, offers three study programs at the bachelor level: Software Engineering, Programming, Cyber Security, and the Computer Science master program.