Student Arbër S.Paçarizi, hired as legal officer at Scan Color – JYSK

16 April 2019

A new name has been added to the large number of AAB College students who have found employment. Arber S. Paçarizi, who has yet to complete his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Law, AAB College, has been employed as a legal officer at Scan Color-JYSK.

According to Arbër S. Paçarizi, the qualitative studies at the Faculty of Law, AAB College, have prepared him professionally for his life as a lawyer. Employment as a legal officer at Scan Color-JYSK in September 2018 for Paçarizi was seen as a great joy and a golden opportunity for him. Paçarizi encourages the young people to give the best of their ability during their studies because each of them will see its value in the future.  

Paçarizi stressed that what has left him most impressed during his studies at AAB College is the teaching staff, underlining that many of them have a long experience in the field of law and that they have never hesitated to share this experience with the students. He also added that the training provided by AAB College has influenced him to be more independent and to become part of the distinguished class of students of his generation.

Arber Paçarizi aims to be an exemplary, fair and impartial lawyer, contributing in the best possible way for the people and his country.