Student Elsa Selmanaj receives Erasmus+ scholarship for student exchange in Germany

7 July 2023
Student Elsa Selmanaj wins the scholarship from Erasmus+ for student exchange in Germany

Enriching academic experiences is one of the goals of every student, and the support offered by AAB College creates the atmosphere for this to be achieved, preparing generations who earn scholarships to the most prestigious universities in the world. Elsa Selmanaj, a second-year student at the Faculty of Computer Science, Software Engineering program, has shared her experience as a scholarship recipient at the Fachhochschule Schmalkaden University – Germany, which is awarded by Erasmus+. She said that applying to this university was one of the rare opportunities that come along and should definitely be taken advantage of.

“Student mobility helped me tremendously to create a different experience by offering me the opportunity to get to know student life in Germany, to socialize with new people to get to know different cultures from many countries around the world,” said Elsa.

Then Elsa dedicated a special space to the importance of studies at AAB College, which she appreciated for professionalism, academic and administrative assistance, but also the conditions that make the learning environment easy and attractive.

As a message to the students, she said that such opportunities should not be missed, so each of them by following the appropriate steps can have such an experience in their academic baggage.