Student Greta Salihu successfully completes a semester of studies at Masaryk University

22 February 2024

There are many students who, thanks to the collaborations of AAB College with universities from around the world and the Erasmus+ program, have the opportunity to realize another academic experience, such as the case of student Greta Salihu, who completed a semester at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic.

Greta, a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages at AAB College, successfully completed this semester where she became part of a transformative journey as she says.

“Being involved in a dynamic environment, I accepted new challenges, created lasting friendships and discovered the beauty of cultural diversity. The Erasmus+ program offered me the opportunity for personal development and the space for a deeper understanding of the global community.”

In the end, Greta described this experience as excellent, which left precious memories for her, and an appreciation and thanks to AAB College for the connections she enjoys with educational institutions even outside the borders.