The student Halil Luzha has converted the solar energy into electrical energy at laboratories of AAB College

18 November 2016

Halil Luzha, student of Computer Science, within the course: Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering has designed and created solar panel project, which deals with renewable energy sources or the use of solar energy.

Student Luzha describes what are the basic elements for the realization of this project: “Elements for the project are: two solar plates that with the acceptance of sunlight through an electronic board which makes the conversion of energy from solar power into the electricity, then this power is transferred to the battery and then the accumulated energy can be used for various accessories, which are filled with low-voltage supply as different devices mobile or even a bulb that fits the parameters of the project, “said student Luzha. According to him, this device can be transmitted even in those countries where there is no grid.

Amongothers Halili expressed his gratitudeto AAB College by saying that this college enables the use of all work tools and environment for the realization of these kinds of projects. He even believes that his project can be implemented in the premises of AAB, because according to him the university campus facilities of AABare found in a very good position to harness solar energy.