Student of AAB College announced Best Tennis Player of 2023 in Kosovo

20 December 2023
The AAB College student is declared the best tennis player of 2023 in Kosovo

The success that AAB College students from different faculties reap in the professional aspect is countless. The student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Forta Morina has also reached success, being chosen as the best tennis player in Kosovo for 2023.

Forta achieved this success only a short time after being declared champion in the “Masters 2023” competitions, in the “Adults” category, which took place on November 24-26, 2023.

At the “Laureates of the Year 2023” ceremony organized by the Kosovo Tennis Federation, Forta Morina was declared the best tennis player for 2023, being honored with an award.

AAB College constantly supports students by motivating them to set records just like Forta, to fulfill and seal the journey we started together.