Student of AAB College completes studies in Norway within Erasmus+

17 March 2023
AAB College student completes her studies in Norway within Erasmus+

Like many other students, Lorika Nushi, a student of the English Language Faculty of AAB College, has successfully completed her studies in Norway, within the Erasmus+ program. Lorika was one of the beneficiaries of this student exchange program, while she became part of the studies at the “NLA” college in Norway, where she closely got to know the educational system there along with the lifestyle of her peers.

She encouraged all students of AAB College to be part of such programs, as being in contact with different cultures they will learn more new things and experience them.

According to her, what makes AAB College special is the opportunity to study abroad, but also the healthy relationships with the academic staff who commit themselves to the maximum to help their students.