Student of AAB College completes summer semester at the University of Lodz, Poland within the Erasmus+ program

31 August 2022

Ron Ukaj, student of the Faculty of English Language at AAB College, has successfully completed the summer semester at the University of Lodz in Poland, within the program of Erasmus+.

He described it as an unforgettable experience and said that he had the opportunity to make new acquaintances and for this he thanked AAB College.

“I have met students from all over the world thanks to the opportunity given by AAB College, for which I am very grateful. We had the opportunity to represent Kosovo, to reveal the good things about the culture, the history and the beauty it has”, said Ron Ukaj.

AAB College, within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, constantly exchanges students in the most prestigious universities, thus giving them the opportunity to create experiences that will later help in the successful shaping of their careers.