Student of AAB College is employed as a mobile developer in the American company “The Social Plus”

27 April 2023
AAB College student is employed as a Mobile Developer in the American company "The Social Plus"

The commitment and dedication that the students of AAB College have rewarded them with employment in the field they have chosen, and some of them offer their contribution to companies abroad. The student of the Faculty of Computer Sciences Ermir Shabani is another successful student who has started his career, being employed in the American company “The Social Plus”, as a Mobile Developer.

Ermiri announced that he is now creating a new application about managing reviews for different businesses, which unites platforms such as Facebook, Google, Booking, Glassdoor, etc., in a single platform. He added that the career advancement he has made is inextricably linked to his studies at AAB College, thanking the academic staff and the help they have provided.

“The methods used within AAB College have a great influence on how a student develops professionally, and these methods are among the best and with the newest technologies on the market. I would suggest everyone who intends to be a part of AAB College to join this institution without hesitation”, was Ermir’s message.