Student of AAB College is employed as a radiology technician in the General Hospital of Mitrovica

29 September 2023
The AAB College student is employed as a radiology technician at the Mitrovica General Hospital

The Faculty of Radiology at AAB College as a main principle continues to maintain the creation of experts in this field, with students who are professionally prepared for the labor market.

Erza Kadriu, a student of the Faculty of Radiology, has been employed as a radiology technician at the General Hospital in Mitrovica, a success that proves the preparations and skills of the staff during and after their studies.

She said that the fact that she is employed in the profession she has chosen makes her happy because in this way her maximum commitment has been appreciated.

Erza further added that as a student she gained a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge in the Faculty of Radiology, so all these factors played their role in her employment and further advancement.