Student of AAB College takes position of full-stack developer at prestigious Swiss company

15 September 2023
AAB College student holds the position of Full-Stack Developer in the prestigious Swiss company

As proof of qualitative studies and the success that follows are the premises that are created in the labor market for diligent, dedicated and capable students. Therefore, each of them reaps many successes by occupying key positions in different countries in the field they have chosen.

Bleona Sejdiu, who completed her bachelor’s studies at the Faculty of Computer Science, has also continued her master’s studies at the same faculty in the Software Engineering program. She began her successful journey through which she achieved life’s achievements in a short time, thanks to the preparation in the field where she graduated.

In a prestigious Swiss company, Bleona began her internship as a Front-End Developer, which guaranteed her employment after the commitment she showed to then rise to the position of Full-Stack Developer.

After four years of work experience as a software developer, Bleona said that AAB College, namely the Faculty of Computer Science, was the starting point and the most important step she took to grow professionally.