Professors from Lithuania on a one-week visit to AAB College

27 March 2023
Professors from Lithuania with a one-week visit to AAB College

Three professors from Šiauliai State College of Lithuania have come to AAB College as a result of the Erasmus+ project, for the exchange of academic staff. They were accompanied by the Vice-Rector of AAB College, Venera Llunji, who discussed with them about the results and successes of the institution over the years, together with the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Sciences, Jusuf Qarkaxhija and the professor of this Faculty, Samir Jakupi.

Professors Saulius Niauronis, Marius Kernagis and Donatas Dervinis will stay throughout the week at AAB College, where they will be part of the staff of the Faculty of Computer Sciences.

The purpose of the one-week visit is to exchange experiences, challenges and various academic and professional issues in the field of engineering, programming and cyber security. During the week, meetings will also be held with the Project Office of AAB College, to see project proposals, where both institutions will be together as potential partners.