Student Sherif Sheremetaj, creator of the online platform “Shpallje Pune”

11 July 2019

AAB College students are known for their success during and after their studies.

Sherif Sheremetaj, one of the best students of the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College, now joins this list.

Taking into account the level of unemployment in Kosovo and the large number of young jobseekers, Sherifi helps countless people through this platform that facilities job finding. 

In this online job search platform, you can display your education, training, work experience etc in your profile info, while employing companies can save time by looking for potential candidates in different job positions.

The technologies and programs used by Sherifi to create the platform are: PHP 7, MySQL, SHA 384, Javascript & JQuery, AJAX, CSS3 and HTML5.  AAB College is always in support of students.