Students of AAB College, Arbër Leka and Elona Blakaj attend seminar on reporting banking system in Kosovo

7 October 2017

The Kosovo Banking Association (KBA), in cooperation with the European Fund for South Eastern Europe – Development Department (EFSE-DF), organized a two-day seminar with journalists in the field of economy in Prevalla, for reporting from the banking system in Kosovo.

Part of this workshop with representatives from the financial sector, including commercial banks, Central Bank, Ministry of Finance and Treasury of the state were also two students from the Faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism of AAB College, Arbër Leka and Elona Blakaj.

“The seminar has been an experience that has helped us in perceiving the work of a profiled journalist or, specifically, an economic journalism. It was also explained to the difficulties and the stagnations faced by these journalists as well as how to avoid mistakes and to advance professionalism in their reporting, “said student Arbër Leka.