Students of Computer Science at AAB College, have completed their Science – Lab with 3D printer

10 November 2016

3D printers which are applied in all areas are being considered as one of the most successful achievements of technology. The good news is that such a printer is designed by some Kosovar students. It is about the students of the Faculty of Computer Science from AAB College.

In fact, for the first time in our country, students of the Faculty of Computer Science from AAB College have managed to create 3D printer, which is now ready for printing three-dimensional objects of various kinds, which must be designed and modeled in advance.

Regarding to this project, dean of the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB, Professor Blerta Prevalla, says: “This project is the creation of 3D printer which students will use to design different models and three-dimensional printing at the same. This printer will be used by generations of students to be enrolled in the Faculty of computer science. This is a project that has started several months ago and lasted until all parts were provided and mounted and ready to be used by students”.

She adds that in this project have been involved students of all generations: “The best students of three generations have been chosen who then will work in groups of three or more, for the construction of the printer”.

Meanwhile, one of the project supervisors, prof.Ermir Rogova said that it is hard to believe that such printers may be found in the region or if so there may be just few of them: he also explained the way how they have been realized.

“There are printers that can create three-dimensional models of various plastic materials. In the region there are very few of these types of printers I do not know if there are any educational institution in Kosovo. What we have had in plan is to postpone to furthering the development of the Faculty of Computer Science in this regard. The purpose of this was not to bay a printer and then to use it, but we wanted to ensure all parts of a 3D printer and then to created it in our own”, says prof.Rogova.

Students of the Faculty of Computer Science of AAB College, to complete the practical works have computer completed labs specifically hardware laboratory which besides Arduino slabs and NAO robots the 3D printer was also added.