Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences from AAB College visited ShSUK

2 December 2016

Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences of AAB College, conducted a visit to the Pediatric Clinic of the Clinical Hospital Service of Kosovo (ShSUK), where the children of this department had been given a part works and deeds, which were presented at the exhibition, and which was held in the premises of AAB College, in the case of the International Flag day 28th November. 

Students were welcomed by the director of this center, dr. Muharrem Avdiu, and Dr. dr. Arbnore Kepuska, who held a presentation in front of the students, informing them about the activities and services offered by this center. Muharrem Avdiu the Director also expressed the willingness for further cooperation with AAB College.

At the visit along with students was the vice-dean of the faculty Elizabete Musliu and the teacher Alberite Bytyqi.