Students from the Faculty of Economics at AAB College get offered internships at “Raiffeisen Bank”

15 September 2022

Two students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College, Gent Sejdija and Aulona Morina, have already
started their internship at “Raiffeisen Bank” thanks to the Job and Career Fair organized by AAB College.
Both students came out with very successful results during the tests and interviews that took place, thus
showing the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their studies at the Faculty of Economics at
AAB College.
This internship will enable Gent and Aulona to deepen their knowledge, find out how financial
institutions work, and get an experience that would help them qualify in the future more easily. The
internship offered by AAB College to students is another step in their professional development, making
them aware of challenges and facing them, showing their capacities in the field they have studied.