For students of Journalism at AAB College was held a lecture on topic: ‘’Reporting of media on exctremism theme’’

28 April 2017

In the framework of the’’ United for Peace’’ campaign aimed at raising the awareness of Kosovar youth against violent extremism, the journalist Artan Haraqija held  a lecture to the students of the Faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism on the topic “Reporting the media on extremism theme” .

Haraqija started this lecture by telling students that those who want to deal with journalism should avoid prejudices against others and should not be affected by any statement that might affect the interest of their own. He explained to students that journalists should conduct investigative journalism, if they face a topic of public interest,to begin dealing with it,to bring facts and arguments for the event.

He also talked about the various experiences he has had during the research of various topics, emphasising to the challenges he faced, the dangers and threats.

At the end of this lecture, was held a debate where the students of Mass Communication and Journalism asked questions and gave their opinions about this topic.