Students of AAB College enjoy the artistic performance “Give Color to Life” that speaks about women’s empowerment

17 November 2023
AAB College students enjoy the artistic performance "Give color to life" that talks about women's empowerment

Through an artistic performance that talks about the empowerment of women, the two protagonists Anisa Ismaili and Fitore Broqi have created a very warm atmosphere in the Chamber Theater of AAB College.

This performance, which lasted more than half an hour, deals with the dreams, desires and ambitions of women which have been interrupted due to prejudices over the years from society.

The students of the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Mass Communication participated in the theater, accompanied by professors Naim Telaku and Mentor Shala, who enjoyed every minute brought by the actresses.

Curated down to the details, this performance presented first two women with different dreams and life goals, up to two friends who share their stories and concerns with each other, realizing that this would create peace with themselves and others.