Students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences present their semester projects

9 June 2023
Students of the Faculty of Computer Science present their semester projects

The semester projects of the students of the Faculty of Computer Sciences were presented at the end of the summer semester. These presentations took place in the subject “Sensors and Interfaces”. Students were engaged in the design and development of numerous projects that apply and contribute to the concept called “Internet of Things”, which refers to the network of connected physical devices, cars, household appliances and other objects, equipped with sensors, software and connectivity, enabling them to collect and share data. The professor of the subject Shkëlqim Miftari said that the developed projects are useful for the students in their careers, while they help them in developing different qualities in the industry as well.

Some of the projects presented were: Controlling computer games, controlling home appliances through voice, visitor counter, digital clock, smart basket, radar, calculator, police security alarms, text advertising animations, timer, crane control through joystick, auto-parking and many other projects.