Students of the Faculty of Economics are attending Soft Skills training

6 December 2019

About 40 students of the Faculty of Economics at AAB College are attending Soft Skills training under the Capacity Building and Youth Empowerment Program.

The training is being conducted in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship & Social Change Association (ESCA) for the second time at AAB College.

From this training, students will gain the knowledge of drafting important papers they will need throughout their careers; a very important skill, especially now that they will soon graduate. Activities under this training are divided into three modules. In the first module the activities relate to the creation of a personal CV, motivational letter, conducting an interview, and drafting e-mails; Module II relates to Business Communication, while the third relates to sustainability and global trends.

The training lasts three days and will end on December 06, 2019. The training is expected to also be organized in the two AAB branches in Gjakova and Ferizaj.

At the end of the training, the participating students will be certified by NGO “ESCA” in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics of AAB College.