Students of the Faculty of Physical Education implement Skiing course in Brod, Dragash

7 March 2024

Students from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at AAB College have completed a skiing course at the Arxhena skiing center in Brod, Dragash.

Several students enjoyed this experience while saying that every student should use the opportunities offered by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of AAB College, for the further preparation of each of them.

Skiing professor Zenel Metaj, with other professors Nazim Myrtaj, Besim Gashi and Shkëlzen Shala, said that these trainings are aimed at learning skiing techniques, while the students showed excellent performances, knowing that skiing is a sport of difficult with its own specifications.

The continuous support of AAB College in such practical activities has often made the results of students from this faculty exemplary in various sports disciplines.

During this activity, the opportunity of cooperation with the Skiing Center in Brod was discussed, in order to carry out numerous activities in all seasons of the year.