‘’Successful entrepreneur and drawing a business plan’’ workshop was held at the AAB College campus in Ferizaj

19 November 2022

“Successful entrepreneur and business plan drafting” workshop was organized at the AAB College campus in Ferizaj with the invitation of prof. Pleurat Mustafa.

The opening of this workshop was made by the director of the AAB College campus in Ferizaj, prof. ass. dr. Shaqip Bytyqi, who informed the students in advance about the topic of the discussion, accompanied by prof. Lulzim Shabani and prof. Ali Ismajli.

Mewanhile, the guest prof. Pleurat Mustafa, expressed in detail about entrepreneurship and how to draw up a successful business plan.

On this occasion, the participating students showed that they already have private businesses or different companies and others have already finalized the ideas for opening businesses.