Summary of successes of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College

18 January 2022

In continuation of the promotion of the successes of the faculties of AAB College, we are recalling some of the activities for which the Faculty of Economics stands out from the others.

The primary goal of the Faculty of Economics is to develop the skills of students which help intertwine Economics, Business, Management and Information Technology as the main disciplines that interact in the global economy and that combine into creating the essentials for being a part of a business or an organization.

Below you can find some of the successes that have characterized this faculty in the past year.

  1. Lectures and sharing of experiences with special guests from the field of economics
  2. Promotions of scientific books and various workshops for the purpose of professional training of students
  3. Information roundtable on managing and preparing students for a global and competitive market
  4. Various cooperation agreements for the purpose of creating job opportunities
  5. Organization of Global Entrepreneurship Week for 2021