Summary of successes of the Faculty of Psychology of AAB College

21 January 2022

Following the promotion of the successes of the faculties of AAB College, the Faculty of Psychology has been distinguished by various activities.

This study program aims to prepare individuals professionally with solid knowledge of the field, skills which they can apply in practice, and positive attitudes towards the chosen profession.

Below you can find some successes that characterized this faculty last year:

• Expand its networking with organizations and institutions through the signing of memoranda of cooperation

• Accreditation of the Mental Health program, a very rare program in the country and the region

• Opening of the Psychology program on the campus of Ferizaj

• Organization of AAB Summer Project 2021 in cooperation with the Faculty of Mass Communication and Computer Science

• Opening of the Laboratory of Clinical Psychology “Pajazit Nushi”, where students, besides theoretical classes, hold practical classes within their campus