Summary of the successes of the Faculty of Dentistry of AAB College

31 January 2022

The Dentistry program at AAB College equips students with the general knowledge and competencies of dentistry. Students have access to the most modern equipment available.

This program gives students the ability to work in the public and private sector for the treatment of various diseases and disorders of Oral Health, and to also be able to practice the profession of dentist abroad in Europe or elsewhere.

Below you can find some of the successes that have characterized this faculty last year:

1. Functionalized the Dental Clinic and the performance of clinical practice by students in modern spaces with the latest technology

2. Held online lectures with international invited professors discussing topics of different fields of Dentistry

3. Publicized scientific papers in the field of dentistry in international journals

4. Organized the Fourth Satellite Symposium in cooperation with the Faculty of Radiology and AAF-OMI-KOMC

5. Trainings of regular staff organized by VTC – AAB College on Contemporary Concepts for teaching, evaluation and drafting of learning outcomes