Summary of the successes of the Faculty of Public Administration of AAB College

24 January 2022

The successes of AAB College faculties have already become a daily routine that unveils the work that each student can achieve when they are part of AAB College.

Students of this faculty, during the three years of study, will improve their skills in management, policy analysis, economics and quantitative methods. Graduates will be prepared to contribute to policy making and human resource management in public, private and non-profit organizations. Our programs link theory with practice, which is also a prerequisite for gaining the necessary skills and knowledge for a career in public administration.

Below you can find some of the successes that have characterized this faculty last year:

1. Held two scientific conferences:

a. Perspective of Western Balkan integration in the EU

b. Virtual International Academic Conference: Second Edition

2. Held lectures with visiting professors in order to exchange ideas and further the professional development of students.

3. Unveiled the successes of graduate students through AABAlumniTalk

4. Held lectures with ambassadors accredited in Kosovo

5. Extended the program “Public Administration and Political Science” on the campuses of Prishtina and Ferizaj.