9 July 2018

Today began the work of “Summer Workshop”, organized by the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College.

The workshop began with a special lecture on cyber security by Arianit Maraj, a cyber security expert. On this occasion, participants, most of whom are high school graduates, also had the opportunity to ask questions about the challenges facing information technology.

In addition to other activities, two special sessions were held:

The first session included lectures on basic knowledge, configuration and functionality of the 3D Printer. Participants in this training had the opportunity to design and print various materials and figures with the 3D Printer.

Whereas, the second session gave the participants the chance to learn about robotics. As part of this session, participants also had the opportunity to learn the configuration of NAO robots; robots that are known as the most advanced in the world in terms of actions.

At the end of the first day of this workshop the participants watched a documentary on the latest achievements of artificial intelligence.

“Summer Workshop” will continue the work for the next two days, where at the end, all participants will be provided with certificates on their knowledge gained in this training.