The AAB College Diploma once again proves its international worth

16 July 2019

Graduating at AAB means your diploma is recognized in Europe and beyond.

AAB College has surpassed local and regional institutions, and its internationalization is making giant strides towards Europe and the US.

This rise in renown is increasing by the day as our students find decent employment and reach the height of success.

Qemajl Osmani has completed bachelor studies in economics and master’s in Computer Science at AAB College.

Qemajli, expressing his gratitude to AAB College, informed us that his diploma has already been recognized by the German state.

His diploma was accredited by the ZAB Institute in Germany (Central Office for Foreign Education).

He feels privileged that he once called himself a student of AAB College now that he has managed to accomplish his goals abroad.

News on recognition and equivalence of our diplomas will be brought to our students in Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavian countries, USA and other countries.

AAB College congratulates Qemajl Osmani, wishing him health and success at work.