The academic year 2021/22 begun at AAB College

18 October 2021

The academic year 2021/22 officially started today at AAB College today with a solemn ceremony organized for the reception of new students.

The reception of new students was attended by the Rector of AAB College, Prof. Dr. Bujar Demjaha with the Vice-Rectors and Deans of the faculties operating within AAB College.

On this occasion, the Rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha, welcoming the new students, wished them success in their studies. “It is a crucial moment in life, when a person decides where he wants to orient his study career and in principle determines where he will go and what he will deal with in his life.

Therefore, it is a pleasure that we are sharing these moments together today, and knowing that AAB is the starting point of success for the future “, said Rector Demjaha.

He reminded the students to continue to beware of the Covid-19 pandemic and urged them to respect the measures in force for protection against infection, while saying that all AAB College staff will be at the service of students whenever they need.

On the other hand, the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, prof. dr. Shemsedin Vehapi, in his welcome speech for the new students, told them that they have made the right choice by deciding to become part of AAB College for their academic journey. “

You have been wise in your selection, because at AAB College the best part is not only what looks best.

“Apart from a modern infrastructure, we have selected the best professors for you and created the ideal conditions, which means respecting the schedule, the opportunities for using the libraries, laboratories and the social and cultural life that AAB College offers to everyone”, said Vehapi.

Vice-Rector Vehapi asked the new students to be as active as possible, as demanding as possible, not to be silent and to bring new ideas. “Your power is great. “With your voice you help yourself but also the development of the institution, so be as proactive as possible”, he requested.

In this solemn ceremony, the new students were addressed by the President of the Student Union of AAB College, Gentiana Uruçi, who told them that the SU will always be by their side and asked them to be as cooperative as possible.

The academic year 2021/22 for Bachelor studies today started in the two branches of AAB College in Ferizaj and Gjakova, while the innovation of this year is the new study programs that are accredited in these branches.



Të nderuar studentë dhe staf i Kolegjit AAB,

Ju njoftojmë se bazuar në vendimin e Qeverisë së Republikës së Kosovës 01/35 të datës 12 shtator 2021, për aplikimin e masave të reja kundër Covid-19, Kolegji AAB ka marrë këtë vendim:

  • Shtyhet afati i provimeve të shtatorit deri më 27 shtator 2021
  • Në rast të lehtësimit të masave dhe përmirësimit të situatës me pandeminë, provimet do të vazhdojnë të mbahen nga data 27 shtator 2021
  • Orarin e ri të provimeve sipas planifikimit të ri do ta gjeni të publikuar në webfaqe dhe në e-service
  • Në rast se situata do të vazhdojë të jetë e rënduar edhe pas datës 26 shtator, provimet do të mbahen online për çfarë do të njoftoheni me kohë

Ndërkohë, ju lutemi të gjeni të bashkëngjitur vendimin e Qeverisë së Kosovës, për aplikimin e masave të reja anti-Covid_19 dhe ju lusim të zbatoni masat në përpikëri.