The book “Vrasja në gjendje të tronditjes së fortë mendore” by the author Fejzullah Hasani promoted

24 October 2019

Another book was added to the AAB Publishing House list of promotions during the AAB 2019 Autumn Book Fair. This book is “Vrasja në gjendje të tronditjes së fortë mendore”, authored by Fejzullah Hasani.

Ismet Salihu, a professor of criminal law who spoke more about the subject discussed in this book, said: “Murder is one of the worst acts one man can do to another. This kind of killing that the author has described is “easy killing”, since in this case, the victim contributes a lot and its contribution is very large. Murder in a state of mental shock is not punished as much” said prof. Ismet Saliu.

The author of this book stated that he was in dilemma whether or not to write this book.

“The law contains about four sentences about this particular law in the Criminal Code, and it has been challenging to write this book, since everything that is written must be accurate in order not to mislead the justice,” said Fejzullah Hasani.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Petrit Bushi spoke about the value of this book and its importance not only for students but also for other categories in the field of law.

This book is summarized as a monograph and is organized into four main sections. There are some values that will help many students, but this book also serves other categories of people such as: judges, lawyers, and prosecutors in order to objectively evaluate a complicated case such as murder in a particular situation”.

Students from the Faculty of Law at AAB college also attended this promotion and asked questions from their respective field about the book.