The “Digit AAB” event is held with the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College

21 May 2024

The “DigIT AAB” event was held with the students of the Faculty of Computer Science at AAB College, with a focus on cyber security and the requirements for it in automotive engineering.

This event was attended by Fahri Breca, technology expert, Gent Shala, human resources expert, Enxhi Zogaj, branch director at DigIT, and Arbenita Bequku, representative of DigIT and Context.

Fahri Breca shared his expertise on requirements engineering and business analysis, providing attendees with a thorough understanding of best practices in project requirements gathering and management.

Gent Shala as a human resources expert, provided valuable advice on career building, emphasizing strategic planning for short-term and long-term professional growth.

Enxhi Zogaj, managing director at DigIT, spoke about the importance of empowering women in the technology industry, as she shared her journey to leadership and advocated for greater representation of women in the technology industry.

Context and DigIT representative Arbenita Bequku discussed the latest trends and challenges in automotive cyber security engineering, to shed light on the essential measures needed to protect connected vehicles in an increasingly digital world.

This event provided participants with in-depth knowledge and actionable guidance to help advance their careers and keep pace with the rapid development of technology.